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"Enter a world of zither and guitar music..."

Etienne de Lavaulx

About the Artist

Etienne de Lavaulx is a French born musician who plays classical guitar and chord-zither. He first started to play classical guitar at the age of eleven learning from the cousin of famous violinist David Oistrach. He later imbibed the guitar styles of folk singers of the sixties and seventies such as Paul Simon and Donovan.

Etienne immigrated to Australia in 1969 with his parents and discovered the chord-zither while in Adelaide in 1973.

Nowadays, he demonstrates this unusual instrument around Melbourne, playing at concerts, shows and festivals. He was a regular feature at the Sunday Market in Southgate were he has enchanted passers-by since the market began in 1996 until its recent relocation.

Etienne teaches classical guitar and chord-zither for which he produced a tutor.

He has recorded 9 CDs mostly of chord-zither, sometimes adding classical guitar, one of guitar and one of his own songs sung by Anne Vercoe, his sister in law, a professional classically trained singer.

He has performed and given a workshop at the Port Fairy Festival.


He became associated with harpist Michael Johnson and performed with him on many occasions. Michael and Etienne became the original founders of the band “Time Traveller” which appeared at the Port Fairy Festival, Monsalvat, The Bendigo Festival and many other venues.

Etienne performs at weddings, nursing homes, private and corporate functions, schools and libraries.

His repertoire includes numerous well-known classics and contemporary pieces and original compositions.

E by lake with g standing

Compositions for Classical Guitar

Etienne started to compose for the guitar at the age of 17. He did not learn music formaly. Actually, he attended an agricultural college.

His inspiration was derived from an intense search for the meaning of life as well as his love of nature where  he spent many hours improvising and experimenting on his guitar.

Over the years, he set out to compose at times when music seemed to want to come through him and his guitar.

Etienne wrote down much of his music by hand using a calligraphy pen. Now, he uses his computer.

He wishes other guitarists wherever they may be to benefit from his compositions.

If interested to play one of Etienne's guitar pieces, contact him by email at [email protected].

Chambray  bouzoux and I

Etienne and friend playing in the basement of

Chambray Agricultural College in France.

Etienne was 17.

Etienne playing zither at the Sunday Market in Southgate, Melbourne.

Etienne by the lake at the Riversdale golf club practicing guitar while his son Jeremy played golf

Etienne at Southgate Market