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"Enter a world of zither and guitar music..."

Etienne de Lavaulx

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Musical Instruments



A Chime Harp is a small zither designed to be played using a system of melody cards.  You can play solo or along with a pre-recorded CD accompaniment.


  • Play your favourite tunes instantly. No tuition necessary.

  • Anyone can play; from a child of 5 to an octogenarian.

  • You do not need to read music; just follow the dots on the melody card.

  • Play along with a CD accompaniment.

  • Educational: Learn basic music theory.

  • Develop your ear: with a little practice, you can eventually play without melody cards.

  • Be creative:  learn to improvise.      

Chime Harp in box with tuning key and plectrum, instruction booklet, 25 Melody Cards and Play- along CD:  $245


Extra List (25 extra cards plus Play-along CD):  $30


The 5-Chord Zither is a delightful instrument allowing one to play a melody with the right hand while strumming chords with the left hand.


  • Easy to learn.

  • Comfortable to hold: sit it on your lap, or on a table.

  • Obtain results quickly. You will play your first melodies within days.

  • Play your favourite melodies; classical, traditional or  modern.

  • Easy to understand; the chord zither uses a simple scale and basic chords.

  • Ideal for all ages

  • Teach yourself using the tutor and demonstration CD (see below).

  • Private tuition availble

Chime Harp

5-Chord Zither

Complete 5-Chord Zither Kit (everything you need to start playing):


5-Chord Zither in box with book (Learn to play the 5-Chord Zither) and accessories (Tuning key, plectrum and finger pick)  $595



Z Book

5-Chord Zither Tutor

Written by Etienne de Lavaulx, this comprehensive tutor is the fruit of  25 years of experience in chord-zither tuition.


It contains:


  • Brief history of the Chord-ZitherAn introduction to basic music theory and understanding music notation.

  • 35 well known and attractive melodies

  • Photos (some in colour) and illustrations

  • A demonstration CD containing all the pieces in the book.

"Learn to Play the 5-Chord Zither" with demonstration CD  $ 65



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