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"Enter a world of zither and guitar music..."

Etienne de Lavaulx

The five Seasons of Guitar

5 CD box set


The Five Seasons of Guitar is a 5 CD box set consisting of Etienne’s entire work for the guitar. It includes 58 compositions and 22 arrangements including both solos and duets. The pieces vary in length from miniatures to major works over 8 mins long. The styles range from classical to contemporary, from impressionist to new age, with influences from South American to Spanish and the folk music of the 70’s.


The seasons can be described as follows:


 SPRING:  youthful, fresh, romantic

 SUMMER:  Exuberant, life, light and shade

 AUTUMN:  “The Mystic”

 WINTER:  Emotions, introspection, reminiscence

 THE FIFTH SEASON:  Journey into space and beyond



       Total Playing Time:  6hr.15mn

     The five Seasons of Guitar: 4hr.49mn

           Bonus tracks: 1hr. 26mn


       © 2016 Etienne de Lavaulx

The box set includes an illustrated booklet

which gives an overview of Etienne's life and the circumstances in which he found himself writing for the classical guitar.


Spring (56:00)


1. In the Country (EdL)

2. Green Butterfly (EdL)

3. Strings of Love/duet (EdL)

4. Prelude in C (J.S. Bach)

5. Plaisir d’Amour (J.P.Martini)

6. Across the Little Wood/duet (EdL)

7. Song for a Child (EdL)

8. The Lullaby of Spring (D.Leitch)

9. Donna Donna (trad.)

10. The King’s Cavaliers (EdL)

11. Pegao (J. Feliciano)

12. Greensleeves (trad.)

13. Ambrosia (EdL)

14. A Time for us (N. Rota)

   Five Naïve Pictures (EdL)

15. Rock Pools

16. Kites

17. Ants in a Thunderstorm

18. Moon over the Sea

19. A Bird's Lullaby

   Two Spring Songs (EdL)

20. Exultet

21. Spring eternal

22. And Love will grow (EdL)

23. Lullaby for three (EdL)




Summer (1:01:50)


1. Summer Skies (EdL)

2. Tumble Weed Bass Blues (EdL)

3. Ternura (N.M. Lima)

4. Maria Elena (Barcelata)

5. 9 to 5 Boogie (EdL)

6. The Samba/duet (EdL)

7. Whiskey in the Jar (trad.)

8. Sourire/duet (EdL)

9. Living in the Country (P.Seeger)

10. Two Guitars (trad.)

11. Majorca/duet (EdL)

12. Staffa Island (EdL)

13. Shadows of Spain (EdL)

    Little Munjki Suite (EdL)

14. Prelude

15. Theme

16. Lullaby

17. Rubato Waltz

18. Mirage (EdL)

19. Ballad for a passing Cloud (EdL)

20. Love your Life (EdL)

Autumn (57:02)


1. Prelude and Song (EdL)

2. St Matthew Passion (J.S. Bach)

3. Go down Moses (trad.)

4. Lamp by the Roadside (EdL)

5. I don’t know how to love him (A. Lloyd Webber)

6. Isle of Islay (D. Leitch)

7. For a Rain to come  (EdL)

8. The Walk (EdL)

9. Variations on Amazing Grace (J. Newton)

10. The Enchanter/duet (EdL)

11. The Rose Garden (EdL)

12. L’Oiseau de Passage (EdL)

13. The She-oak on the Hill (EdL)

14. Asphodels (EdL)

Winter (56:44)


1. Sweet is Thy Will (melody)/duet (EdL)

2. Cordillera/duet (EdL)

3. The Windmills of your Mind (M. Legrand)

4. Jesu Joy of Man desiring (J.S. Bach)

5. Deep under the Sea (EdL)

6. Memory (A. Lloyd Webber)

7. Sweet is Thy Will (improvisation)/duet  (EdL)

8. “Oui, mais la Guerre” (EdL)

9. The Albatross (EdL)

10. The Consolation (EdL)

11. Salute to Andre Segovia (EdL)

12. The Guitar Lesson (EdL)

13. Silver (EdL)

14. Iceberg (EdL)

The fifth Season (57:23)


1. Asteroid 7 - Allegro (EdL)

2. Le long Voyage (EdL)

3. Passage to the Stars/duet (EdL)

4. Jade (EdL)

5. Orion (EdL)

6. Saturn (EdL)

7. Venus (EdL)

8. Pluto (EdL)

9. Mars (EdL)

10. Asteroid 7 - Presto /duet (EdL)

11. La Valse endiablée (EdL)

12. Invention (EdL)

13. Golden (EdL)

14. L’Astre d’Or (EdL)

Bonus Tracks

Each season ends with some bonus tracks (not shown above). This bonus material is a window overlooking my musical journey over the years. It is in its raw state, mistakes and all, but it reflects the enthusiasm I had in playing  my guitar. Most of the bonus material is unedited and was recorded on a portable cassette recorder. The total of the bonus tracks is 1hr. 26mn

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The five Seasons of Guitar 5 CD Box Set: $AU 75

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