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In the introduction of this solo guitar CD, Etienne writes: 

"Gentle Guitar is the fulfilment of a long cherished dream. Within it are contained some most precious moments…"

All the pieces are relaxing,  whether they are from classical repertoire (Bach, Tarrega…), contemporary ("The Windmills of your Mind", "I don't know how to love Him",..), or Etienne's original compositions. (Time: a generous 71')

01 Spanish Romance (anon.)

02 Allemande (Bach)

03 I don’t know how to love Him (Lloyd Webber)

04 Staffa Island (Etienne de Lavaulx)

05 Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega)

06 As the Music keeps playing (Jurgens)

07 Moderato in D (Sor)

08 The Windmills of your Mind (Bergman/Legrand) – Arr. EdL

09 Feste Larianne (Mozzani)

10 El Testament of Amelia (Trad. arr. Llobet)

11 Song for a Child (Etienne de Lavaulx)

12 Sarabande and Double (Bach)

13 Moderato in Bm (Sor)

14 Mystified (Almeida)

15 Variations on Amazing Grace (Trad. Arr. EdL)

16 Orion (de Lavaulx)

17 Adelita (Tarrega)

18 Lagrima (Tarrega)

19 Andante (Carcassi)

20 Summer Skies (Etienne de Lavaulx)

21 Deep under the Sea (Etienne de Lavaulx)

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