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FREE GIFT - Guitar made simple !

FREE GIFT - supplement



Chord-zither are quite rare instruments, especially 5-chord ones. They are to be bought second-hand. Etienne collects them, can restore them and sometimes sells unique intruments. He also offers online and in-person tuitions and can perform in Australia.


If you wish to obtain a chord-zither, please contact him to know what is available at the moment. You can also checkout this section to be redirected to other links where you may find what you are searching for...


BandCamp is an online music platform, mostly for independant artists. Etienne chose to sell his music on there because it supports the work of smaller artists without robbing them of all their income, thus making it easier to showcase their work to the world. 

Etienne offers guitar and chord-zither Tuitions via Zoom and in-person. The prices are affordable. Please contact him to book your first lesson. He also offers performances and services like restringing or restoring Chord-Zithers (in Australia).

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