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The symphony is a 25 mn composition in 5 mouvements. The zither is prominent and is set against an orchestral background created on guitar synthesizer. The CD also features a suite of six French folk songs with guitar synthesizer accompaniment.


These melodies were Etienne’s favourite as a child. The last track, called The Zither Waltz is an elaborate composition on six chord- zither. (Time: 56')

01 Prelude (Etienne de Lavaulx)
02 Lament (Etienne de Lavaulx)
03 Theme (Etienne de Lavaulx)
04 Andante (Etienne de Lavaulx)
05 Finale  (Etienne de Lavaulx)
06 Hide and Seek 
07 Ils etaient trois garcons
08 File la Laine 
09 Il est né le divin Enfant
10 A la Claire Fontaine
11 Colchiques dans les Pres
12  Le petit Cheval Blanc
13 The Wayfaring Stranger  
14 Eglantines (Etienne de Lavaulx)
15 The zither Waltz (Etienne de Lavaulx)

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