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"Dedicated to Mum and Dad who ferried us across the seas to this great land of light and freedom"

so reads Etienne's dedication in this CD. It refers to "La Mer", the sea which separates Australia from his motherland, France, which his family crossed in 1969 when they immigrated. "La Mer" is also the title track, an adaptation for the zither of Charles Trenet's famous composition. (Time : 56')

01 La Mer (Charles Trenet)
02 Arc en Ciel (E. de Lavaulx)
03 El Condor Pasa (Traditional)
04 Elizabethan Serenade (R. Binge)
05 The Carnival is Over (T. Springfield)
06 Babbling Brook (E. de Lavaulx)
07 Morning has broken (Traditional) / Blue Danube (J. Strauss - Arr. EdL) / Annie's Song (J. Denver - Arr. EdL)
08 When Johnny comes Marching Home (Traditional)
09 A Prayer for Oneness (E. de Lavaulx)
10 Pines and Willow Trees (E. de Lavaulx)
11 Fernando (S. & B. Anderson/B. Ulva)
12 Nobody knows the Trouble I've Seen (Traditional)
13 Dolanne's Melody (P. de Seneville)
14 Imagine (J. Lennon)
15 A Prayer for Oneness - reprise (E. de Lavaulx)

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