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This CD begins with a song telling the history of the chord zither in Australia.


The song is sung by Anne Vercoe, Etienne's sister in law and an accomplished singer in her own right. The rest of the CD is a recital consisting of a variety of chord zither solos; some classics (I vow to thee my country), some traditional (Jerusalem) and some of Etienne's original compositions (Visions of Lights) which highlight the instruments potential. (Time : 51')

01 The Old Zither
02 Pour un Sourire
03 I Vow to Thee My Country
04 As Above, so Below
05 Pie Jesu
06 Barcarolle
07 Jerusalem
08 Allez Mon Troupeau
09 The Streets of Forbes
10 Eye Level Theme
11 Visions of Light
12 Interlude
13 Petite Fleur
14 Sakura / Kojo No Tsuki 

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