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"Enter a world of zither and guitar music..."

Etienne de Lavaulx

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Etienne de Lavaulx


 Ph: (03) 9898 8950


Mob: 0425 756258


Email: [email protected]




63 Morrie Cres  North Blackburn 3130 Vic  Australia

                                                 is a Melbourne based classical guitarist who specializes in the art of the chord-zither.  

   • Find out more about the artist.

   • Find out about the chord-zither.

   • Hear samples and purchase CDs.

   • Invest in a chord-zither (new or reconditioned) and teach  yourself how to play using Etienne’s tutor.

   • Consider acquiring a chime harp for instant, easy music making.

   • Etienne can perform for you in a variety of venues.

   • Take private lessons on chord-zither or classical guitar.

   • Have your old zither expertly restored and restrung.

   • Enjoy looking at photos of chord-zithers.

   • Would you like to play some of Etienne's original compositions for classical guitar or chord-zither at no charge?

   • Find interesting links about zithers and other musicians.



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Etienne de Lavaulx

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If you have a chord-zither and would like to learn how to play it according to Etienne's method, you first need to convert it to the Revised Tuning. Find out more from these PDFs:


The Revised Tuning How to replace a string Samson Hill inside



The Five Seasons of Guitar is a 5 CD box set consisting of Etienne’s entire work for the guitar. It includes 58 compositions and 22 arrangements including both solos and duets. The pieces vary in length from

miniatures to major works over 8 mins long. The styles range

from classical to contemporary, from impressionist to new age,

with influences from South American to Spanish and the folk

music of the 70’s.